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Michigan Food Plot Specialists stands ready to work with you to create a viable topnotch food plot to attract whitetail deer to your property. We work to compliment the naturally occurring food sources, so whitetail deer will see it as another item on their menu. We would be happy to discuss your specific needs.

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Unbelievable job! My trail cam has had around 200 pictures per week since you have planted. I have two nice 8 points hanging out on the property. I can’t believe what a difference you have made. I will see you in the spring!!! - Rick M.

Michigan Food Plot Specialists hit a home run for me & my family. The results are unbelievable! I want to thank you for your professional advice, your hard work and the products you use. - Bill S.

Just wanted to let you know, I had friends out to my property. They said my food plots look like they were made for something that should be on TV. The amount of deer in my plots has been incredible. I have bucks everywhere!!! Thanks!!! - Brian W.

A Bit About Us

Kings Outdoor Adventures and Michigan Food Plot Specialists incorporated in 2007. Even though we are a young and growing company, our experience runs deep. I am the founder of Kings Outdoor Adventures and Michigan Food Plot Specialists. I have been an avid hunter for the past 28 years and especially enjoy waterfowl hunting. Over a 8 year period, I was a field editor for reporting on waterfowl hunting and bird activity for the State of Michigan.

When it comes to waterfowl, deer and turkey hunting, I have a small group of employees I utilize for different activities. I personally guide all fishing trips.

Fifteen years ago, I became active in wildlife habitat management. In particular, food plots. The knowledge I posses in hunting, fishing and food plot management has made me not only successful in my own adventures but for many others who I have either guided or established quality food plots for. I am a life member of the North American Hunting Club and the NRA in addition to being an active sponsor for QDMA. I am also a long time supporter of Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever and the NWTF.

Mark King

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